My New Website

First of all, welcome to my new website.  I am still relatively new to freelance writing since I have been doing this for only about a year and a half, but I am extremely new to blog writing.  In fact, I have never written a blog before, nor have I commented on other people’s blogs.  I hope to change that in the near future, in part by making as many posts as possible on this site.  I will try my best to make them as entertaining as possible, but it is also a major goal of mine to make them informative and accurate, especially posts involving history.

Check out Pan's Pizza, my first work of fiction.  It is available on Amazon.

Check out Pan’s Pizza, my first work of fiction. It is available on Amazon.

So you might be wondering what this blog is all about.  First and foremost, it is a blog to help promote my fledgling writing career.  Right now, my main focus is ancient and medieval history.  I have had some success with this since I have published several articles for magazines like Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare, History Magazine and Katsujinken.  I am also attempting to branch out into fiction writing as well.  My favorite genres are fantasy, horror, historical and science fiction, but I also am looking forward to writing stories that mash up these genres as well.  I published my first work of fiction in January, a horror novella called Pan’s Pizza.  It will be the first of many works of fiction that I plan to write for the rest of my career.

Aside from posting about my new articles, books or short stories that will be published, I also want this blog to be a place where people can learn about interesting topics involving history, archaeology, and arms and armor.  This will include new archaeological finds, fascinating stories from the past, descriptions of warriors and battles, as well as reviews of museums with exhibits about ancient and/or medieval civilizations.  Not everything on this site will be directly related, but most posts will have something to do with one of the subjects I have listed above, and many will contain combinations of those same subjects.  I hope you all enjoy it and I will do my best to make sure you will want to visit this site often.

– Erich B. Anderson

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